Lone and Silence

17 Dec

I know how it is… you hate them.  Because of what you’ve endured and what they don’t know.  They haven’t the imagination to know what happened to you out there on the mountain.  It was the same the first time I bore a child… I was in agony for twelve hours, and I felt trapped in pain, knowing the only release was the birth of my own death.  When it was over, I had your brother Augustin in my arms, but I didn’t want anyone else near me.  And it wasn’t because I blamed them.  It was only that I’d suffered like that, hour after hour, that I’d gone into the circle of hell and come back out.  They hadn’t been in the circle of hell.  And I felt quiet all over.  In this common occurrence, this vulgar act of giving birth, I understood the meaning of utter loneliness.

– Gabrielle, The Vampire Lestat –

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