On Shadow Travel

16 Feb

“And it works best at night. But all shadows are part of the same substance. There is only one darkness, and creatures of the Underworld can use it as a road, or a door.”

– Nico di Angelo, Percy Jackson and the Olympians: Book 5: The Last Olympian –

I like the fact that it mentioned that “all shadows are part of the same substance” and that “there is only one darkness” – it connotes how Nico understands the Underworld and in one way or another, darkness is not the epitome of evil. It is not the absence of life because it seemed to connote life after death, if you call living in the Underworld, “life”. I just mean to say that this quote simply says that darkness is the absence of light. It also reminds me of Cassandra Clare’s Shadow World and well, that’s a totally different experience. You might want to check it out as well. Click here to see my review on Book One of His Mortal Instruments.

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