Time is your friend.

30 Oct

Start to do something.
That way, time will be an ally, not an enemy.

– The Fifth Mountain, Life: Selected Quotations

I was never a crammer, so time has always been my friend. However, there are numerous times, specially at work, whenever I am overwhelmed by the bundle of tasks piled on me and whenever I am rushing to meet a deadline, that I really wish that time could slow down a bit. Sometimes, “expectations” of you, seem to connive with all else, including time, and you feel defeated.

I’ve proven it’s true that when you’re doing something, you don’t notice time pass but when you’re not doing anything and you’re bored, it seems to stretch to forever. Don’t we at some point seem to stare the clock and threaten it into moving faster to lunch break or dismissal time?

Time is a friend to those who know how to value it’s existence. In reality, we don’t have time. We just have now.

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